Petition To Block President Obama’s Executive Amnesty


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President Obama’s executive action to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants is a lawless and unconstitutional decision.

For a President who, on 22 separate occasions, defended the rule of law by refusing to challenge congressional authority on immigration, has since reversed his position to carry out an agenda that spits on the rule of law he took an oath to uphold years ago.

Since Obama’s announcement on November 20, two federal judges, Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton, and 26 states have taken action in the courtroom to block executive action on amnesty by filing a lawsuit.

These lawmen have ruled Obama’s executive action unconstitutional and illegal. In fact, the Obama Adminstration lawyers were caught in a lie after clearing stating, in court, that the Expanded DACA had not been implemented when they had already begun the implementation process.

After District Judge Andrew Hanen issued an injunction to suspend Obama’s plans, the a federal appeals court in Louisiana upheld the judge’s ruling, which has greatly frustrated Obama and his team of lawyers. This small victory for the rule of law is an insult to President Obama.

But President Obama will stop at nothing to guarantee the implementation of his executive action. That is why it is so urgent that we keep rallying support for our cause and standing up against the Obama Administration.

We need more men like Arthur J. Schwab, Andrew Hanen, and Ken Paxton. These men have staked their reputation and image to uphold the rule of law by defying Obama’s executive action.

Support them by signing this petition to block executive amnesty so that they know where you stand on immigration.

When you do, the 26 states and 3 high ranking officers of the court will know that they are joined by millions of Americans who share the same passion for justice and the rule of law as they do.

“We the undersigned stand with the plaintiffs in agreement ‘that unilateral suspension of the Nation’s immigration laws is unlawful. Only this Court’s immediate intervention can protect the Plaintiffs from dramatic and irreparable injuries.'”