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Join the 7,843 people that have already sent an email to executives at Planned Parenthood!

Over the last year, the Center for Medical Progress has released a series of undercover videos that implicate Planned Parenthood in the trafficking of aborted baby parts. Actors disguised as buyers for a tissue procurement company met with Planned Parenthood executives and abortionists to discuss the payment for such parts and how Planned Parenthood could alter the procedure to collect more “intact specimens.”

Several conservative groups have responded by asking supporters to sign petitions to defund Planned Parenthood. And while we wholeheartedly support those petitions, we also understand the importance of establishing a medium of communication with the people ultimately responsible for the murder of the unborn, which is why we have created this email tool for you, our readers.

Simply type your message into the box and send the email you’ve written. A copy of the email will be sent to you. Your message will be delivered to the email inboxes of top Planned Parenthood executives, including:

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